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    Shotest Shogi

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Sep 10, 2008

    A game based on the popular japanese variant of chess.

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    In Japan, there is a very popular version of chess that is played by many people. In this Xbox Live Arcade title, you have the opportunity to learn how this game is played, and then play against the relentless AI or take your game online for fierce competition. Shogi, the name of the board game in Japan, is very complicated in many ways, and if you are up to it, this game gives you the option of learning some of the most advanced techniques in the "advanced tutorial". The game also had leaderboards and supports the Xbox Live Vision camera. It is also known to many who play it as really tough especially if you havent played Shogi before, even though the tutorial is one of the best out there, the AI is punishing.


    The game was released on the Xbox Live Marketplace on the 23rd of July 2008 in Japan and the rest of the world on the 10th of September 2008 for 800 Microsoft Points and it was rated E for Everyone.

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