All Systems Goku 34

Mar. 4th 2019

All Systems Goku pulls into the final stop on the Dragon Ball Z Kai line to experience the final conflict and a glimpse of the next decade.

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All Systems Goku

2 Seasons • 35 Episodes

Anime experts Dan Ryckert and Jeff Gerstmann embark on a quest to watch every episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai.


And so, two of the Earth's greatest games critics have finished their weekly series of episodes, having made the ultimate sacrifice for the sake of understanding Dragon Ball FighterZ.

Its name was All Systems Goku: a proud anime podcast.

Sevith • 

Thank you, Jeff and Dan, for going on this journey.

And thank you, Goku.

Hurricrane • 

It's been a hell of a ride folks.

Not even two minutes in, and already shitting on Yamcha. I'll miss this so much.

redking56 • 

I recommend for their next podcast, La Blue Girl.

Finally, the time has come for Dan and Jeff to be just as perplexed by the end of the series as we all were when we first saw it.

"Wait, that's how it ends?"

The ending becomes more bizarre when you take into the account the events of Dragon Ball Super.

Dezinus • 

I'll see you again when you're dead, Jeff and Dan!

someramguy • 
I'm going to miss this insane ride.
@charlee_coco said:


Finally, the time has come for Dan and Jeff to be just as perplexed by the end of the series as we all were when we first saw it.

"Wait, that's how it ends?"

The ending becomes more bizarre when you take into the account the events of Dragon Ball Super.

It makes more sense when you realize "Heading off to the left" is basically a universal shorthand for "And the adventure continues..." in manga.

Though that doesn't explain the whole reincarnation thing. Toriyama randomly remembering the importance of Buddhism in the source material, maybe?

Y2Ken • 

It's been an incredible ride, and while I've always been fairly anime-adjacent (at least with regards to DBZ) I'm glad to have taken this journey of discovery along with you two. Thanks Jeff, thanks Dan.

All Systems Goku has been the wrestling podcast Giantbomb could never otherwise make. What a beautiful thing it has been.

That next decade? Its called Dragon Ball GT.

Also there seems to have been a problem. Some of the meaningless preshow talk got into the podcast. The first 9 min need to be cut and the podcast re-uploaded. Mistakes are human, it happens.

noobsauce • 

So.... Dragonball Super time?

chaser324  Moderator • 


It's been a long road.

AzraelDR • 

Thank you so much Dan and Jeff for this podcast that has brought so much joy to me every week. Dragonball was the first fandom I became part of, catching the original Dragonball Z in the 90s when I was eight years old. Bearing witness to your discovery of the franchise was both hilarious and nostalgic. The parallels you make with pro-wrestling has in turn made me delve into pro-wrestling history, in the same way that you have bravely explored anime in the past year.

Looking forward to whatever comes next for the only anime experts in the world. Barring that, if we don't hear from you again:

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pxbart • 

Now watch it all again in Japanese!

Xel • 

Regarding the episode titles and spoilers, they have always had an issue with that. What you're missing is the context that none of this material was new to fans - they were reading the manga which was usually ahead of the anime by a few months. So scenes like Majin Buu dying, Gohan turning Super Saiyan 2 and so on were already known quantities and fans were just waiting to see it in animated form rather than in printed material.

smbl • 

I hope they watch Super, it has all these slice of life moments they've been pining for.

What a long, strange trip it's been.

I've never seen a single episode of DBZ, but having listened to this podcast, I now have enough of a grasp on the plot and characters that I no longer feel lost when people talk about it. (I'm one of those weirdos who listened to the Powerbombcast without watching any wrestling, too.)

Sorry if you guys have talked about it already but if you guys want to continue you guys really should move onto Dragonball Super. I never watched GT but from what I understand Super is much better and is a more natural continuation of the story. The first arc is a little meh but it really goes places after that. I really enjoyed it for what it's worth. The movies also kind of condense some of the arcs too! If you guys do decide to watch it, I hope you enjoy it too!

darukaru • 

Just gonna put this out here. There's an episode of Super titled "Valiant Mr. Satan, Work a Miracle! A Challenge from Outer Space!"

mrbubbles  Online • 

I hope they do Dragon Ball next I think they'd enjoy that

darukaru • 

for reals though just watch the two movies that came out before Super, and maybe then the Goku Black/Zamasu story. And Super ep. 69. No, really.

Gerorne • 

So I bought Battle of the Gods and watched (most) of it last night, just to see what everyone was talking about.

I think everyone recommending it over Super are crazy. The pace isn't *that* much better. I was expecting it to be more streamlined. I'm pretty confident that Jeff and Dan will love the slower pace and added context and shenanigans in Super, over slightly reduced amount in Battle of the Gods. It ultimately makes for between two and three episodes of the podcast versus the one.

Really enjoyed rewatching the series along with this, thanks for making this happen! This isn't a democratic process, I know its whatever they're interested in doing next. But I'll throw in my two cents that watching Super next makes more sense. They're already invested in these characters and there's a lot of antics I think they'd enjoy!

So long, sweet Monday morning Freetza. You were sublime.

Time for some Evangelion. That glorious mess, and angry comments about "how they just don't get it" after every episode, would make for the best anime podcast ever.

Suman1083 • 

I don't think the last two episodes are canon, right? Dragon Ball Super just makes these last few episodes out of place.

MrGreenMan • 

If I remember correctly the last 2 episodes are not in Cannon, not that it really matters as the whole Dragonball timeline is a complete mess. That all said, thank you guys for all the laughs. I do hope you eventually continue with Super as there are more of these weird moments with these characters that you love.

Scherzo • 

Oh god I cannot imagine how much Dan is going to hate Shinji.

It's been great to finally tackle this series with Dan and Jeff and learning more about wrestling than I cared to. A wild, fun ride!

I don't want to discourage anyone from watching Evangelion because its historically important to western anime's rise... but I am struggling to think of a anime that is less Metal Gear then Eva.

Sevith • 

@suman1083: Out of place, but they're still canon. DBS even references Uub, and shows both Pan and Bra being born. The only point of contention would be Pan's age, since she's only 4 in EoZ.

timb0nic • 

I never imagined this would happen - I'm so incredibly happy it did. Thank you Jeff and Dan.

PatODay • 

This was a great journey, and a podcast that finally put anime on the map. Can't wait to see what will be next up in the pipeline.

Sanj • 

I would watch an entire 50 episode story arc of this ^^

I would recommend Jeff and Dan watch some anime independently to see if they like a series before committing to something.

I love that it took watching the entirety of Kai for Dan to learn about the anime nosebleed thing.

RoninAnwar • 

This podcast may have ruined the whole podcast for me. I guess it's good that it's over.

For years Jeff has talked shit about anime and Dragon Ball Z only to find that after trying it, he actually really liked it. ... then "My Hero Acadamia" pops up as something to check out and Jeff's words are, "that looks like trash."

nasher27 • 

While GT is a continuation of the last two episodes (picks up that 10 years later timeline), Super is a much better continuation of the Z fighters story overall. It also (kind of?) ignores this 10 years later timeline.

I recently watched Super and found most of it enjoyable. It wasn't until the Future Trunks saga where I thought, "wow this is some good-ass dragonball." So it definitely gets there.

@suman1083: the real answer to that is that dragonball canon doesn't matter and really just recommend people watch/read what they want. toriyama changes his mind a lot. toei came up with non-canon ideas (bardock , broly , history of trunks) that toriyama years later made canon.

but yeah Dragonball Super takes place about a yearish? after the defeat of Buu. So it renders these last 2 episodes of kai (and the corresponding chapters of the manga) "non-canon".

Big media franchises get retcons all the time. So it's whatever.

Monday's at work are going to be significantly slower now, but what a blast this has been.

As for possible future installments, I'm gonna throw my hat in for original Dragon Ball over Super and GT, at least to start out with. Best writing in the series and the hand to hand combat and character arcs for characters like Krillin, Tien, Piccolo, and Roshi are excellent. And even Yamcha isn't completely useless.

It's also cool to see the series slowly transform into what would become Z over the course of it. The last arc of DB in particular is almost a DBZ arc, it's pretty neat.

And although no one will bat for GT, I will say that it has a few good moments, and is worth looking at even briefly, if only out of curiosity. It's kinda wild how much of a mess it is.

Gerorne • 

In defense of Jeff, anime is as broad as television. If someone likes Game of Thrones, they can still think Temptation Island looks like trash. There absolutely is great and trash television, and there is great and trash anime.

Does Jeff watch super hero movies? I don't think he does. And if that's the case My Hero Academia probably isn't to his taste and he correctly identified that.

@sanj: Technically Goku never really beat Vegeta. I'd call their first fight more of a draw and their second fight Vegeta clocks Goku unconscious.

IVY616 • 

There are too many people recommending Super and not enough people recommending OG Dragon Ball (on Hulu) in this comment section.

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KimiNewt • 

Rather than Super, I'd rather they do Dragonball next. Considering what they liked about Z, I think Dragonball will be much more enjoyable than Super/GT/Generic shounen anime.

It is true that GT wasn't amazing, but it is certainly on par if not better than Super. You guys need to watch Dragon Ball Super Broly please.