8-4 Play: 8-4 Play 10/11/2019: FINGER OF GOD

An epic typhoon looms over Tokyo, but there’s still gaming news to cover! We grab some cans and discuss, while trying to not worry about the impending F5.

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Oct. 11 2019

Posted by: Brad

Episode Notes:

Time – Topic Discussed:

17:11 – News: Playstation 5 gets a name, Last of Us 2, Dragon Quest of the Stars

34:52 – Dragon Quest Walk

41:46 – News: Brain Age coming to Switch, debating the Link’s Awakening price tag, P.T. hacks, the Untitled Goose Game effect

1:06:41 – Mario Kart Tour

1:12:16 – Daemon X Machina

1:22:40 – Smash Bros. News

1:24:46 – Sharing our Goose experiences

1:28:45 – Closing comments

And now, here’s the music we used in THIS episode!


Intro: Arms of Immortal – Junichi Nakatsuru (Daemon X Machina)

Ending: Rob Zombie Dragula Remix – Hot Rod Herman (Sled Storm)