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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Apr 18, 2007

    Silverfall is a 2007 Action Role-Playing Game developed by Monte Cristo, in partnership with Kyiv Games.

    zeus_gb's Silverfall (PC) review

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    Over 100 hours playing it and I love it

    When I first saw the screenshots for this game I thought wow the cell shaded graphics look really good and different to what we usually see in RPG games. I played the demo and got a little bit bored with it but I persisted and then brought the full game twice (long story). I'm really glad I brought the full game, on my first play through I spent well over 100 hours playing it.


    The cell shaded graphics in the game are really good and very unusual for an RPG game. Sliverfall's world environments tend to be well detailed but the game really stands out when you get into certain cities in the game.

    Graphically the monsters are really detailed and fit it with the rest of the world really well. The animation of the monsters is also really good and adds to the overall experience of the game.


    Unfortunately the sound in the game is pretty standard really, there's nothing really there that stands out and even the music isn't that great.

    Most of the voice acting is very good, as with every game you'll get a certain amount of poor voice acting and that rule applies with Silverfall but thankfully there is a very limited amount of poor voice acting.


    I found the game to be a great old school RPG with lots of character development options coupled with a believable story. The premise of nature versus technology is really interesting and fits in well with the world that they designed.

    Silverfall is a worthy successor to Diablo, most people might not think so but I enjoyed this game a lot more than Diablo.

    Good stuff:

    Large and immersive world.
    Loads of monsters (people have complained about this but Silverfall is all about leveling up, get over it).
    Large variety of monsters.
    Good in game tutorials, I didn't need to look in the manual.
    Ability to alt tab back to Windows (a must have for any game!) :).
    Nice and lite interface, I don't know why people complain about it so much.
    Lots of replay options.
    Lots of character development choices.
    Different companions to choose from.
    Nature versus technology premise is really good and to my knowledge hasn't been done in an RPG before.
    Monsters are graphically well detailed and their animations are really good.
    You can actually play through the game again at the end of the game with your current character.

    Bad stuff:

    On first release there were broken quests but with the 1.17 patch most things have been fixed. I personally haven't found any broken quests.
    Long load times.
    Bit of a resource hog. Certain parts of the game can use 1.2GB of RAM.
    Path finding in certain places can be a little bit off.

    My review does in no way do this game justice all that I can say is go and buy this game!

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