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    SingStar: Queen

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Aug 04, 2009

    SingStar: Queen is a SingStar title featuring songs by the band Queen.

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    Singstar: Queen was announced at Sony's press conference at the 2008 Leipzig GC. The track list features 25 Queen songs on the PS3 version, and 20 songs on the PS2 version. 


    SingStar: Queen follows the same gameplay patterns as all the previous SingStar games. Players select a song from a menu and sing along to that song with a SingStar microphone. The song's lyrics are displayed on screen and the player has to sing them to the rhythm and beat of the song, bars above the lyrics show at what pitch that part of the song should be sung, the higher the bar the higher the pitch and vice versa.
    The pitch bars are in the center of the screen while the lyrics are on the bottom (this is how they look in the PS3 version)
    The pitch bars are in the center of the screen while the lyrics are on the bottom (this is how they look in the PS3 version)
    The bars also show the length of the notes that should be sung and if the notes should be held. Throughout the song you are awarded points based on how well you sing. As you're singing, the game analyzes your singing and compares it to the original track. The closer yours sounds to the original, the more points you earn and the higher you score. The objective of the game is to score as many point as you can (the maximum is 10,000 which a perfect. this is done by hitting all of the notes at the right pitch and timing).        

    Track Listing

    SingStar: Queen features many songs from Queen's history:

    • A Kind of Magic (PS3 version only)
    • Another One Bites The Dust
    • Bicycle Race
    • Bohemian Rhapsody
    • Breakthru
    • Crazy Little Thing Called Love
    • Don’t Stop Me Now
    • Fat Bottomed Girls
    • Hammer to Fall (PS3 version only)
    • I Want It All
    • I Want To Break Free
    • Innuendo
    • Killer Queen (PS3 version only)
    • One Vision
    • Play The Game
    • Radio Ga Ga (PS3 version only)
    • Somebody to Love
    • The Show Must Go On (PS3 version only)
    • These Are The Days Of Our Lives
    • Tie Your Mother Down
    • Under Pressure
    • We Are The Champions
    • We Will Rock You
    • Who Wants To Live Forever
    • You’re My Best Friend

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