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    SlaveDriver Engine

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    Custom inhouse engine by Lobotomy Software for their console ports of Powerslave, Duke Nukem 3D and Quake.

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    The SlaveDriver engine is a realtime 3D engine developed by Ezra Dreisbach of Lobotomy Software for the console port of their first game, "Powerslave" due to the task of porting the Build engine being deemed unsuitable and impractical. No code was shared between the PC and console versions of Powerslave; the SlaveDriver engine was completely different and required the game to be remade with only shared art assets.

    As they were separate engines, a new windows-based level editor named, "Brew" was constructed to handle preexisting maps from Duke Nukem 3D and Quake. While levels could be imported into Brew from Duke Nukem 3D, they still required substantional reworking before they could be usable. Quake maps, on the other hand, had to be rebuilt from the ground up within the editor.

    A Playstation version of the engine was created for the Playstation port of Powerslave and was also used in a tech demo of a PS1 port of Quake. The engine performed generally faster on the PS1 than on the Saturn, with Powerslave at times hitting 60 frames per second and the demo version of Quake running about 50% faster than the Saturn version. The playstation port of Duke Nukem 3D did not utilize the SlaveDriver engine.


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