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Spartan was one of the first games released by British company Slitherine Strategies in 2004. Spartan uses a mix of turn based controls when navigating the campaign map and a unique “real time” interface during combat. In addition to the battle mechanics Spartan implements a resource system. Each city has a set number of resources and a cap on how much a resource can be upgraded. For example, a city may have the ability to build a marble pit but depending on the build level of the city you may only be able to upgrade your marble pit twice. The two most important resources in Spartan are “food” and “bricks”. Without sufficient food sources your empire would starve and without bricks you wouldn’t be able to build anything. 


campaign map
campaign map
The campaign map of Spartan is similar to that of other games of its type most notably the Total War series. In the campaign screen you can move units by clicking on where you want them to go. A unit may take multiple turns depending on how far it needs to travel. Units will also automatically build boats when they have to cross water. While in campaign mode you also upgrade your cities building barracks, mines, schools, and city walls.

There are several things that need to be accounted for during the campaign game.  


Trade Screen
Trade Screen

You can buy resources that you are low on or sell resources you have an abundance of.

Diplomacy Sceen
Diplomacy Sceen

You have the ability to send diplomats to foreign countries or accept diplomats sent to you. The benefits of having a diplomat in a neighboring country range form acquiring trade deals, forming alliances, or sabotage.


You can use research points to research new building tiers in order to get more resources or better troops.  
The resources researchable are:     

    • ·          Gold: This is the basic currency of Spartan.

      ·          Food: This is the basic currency of Spartan.

      ·          Iron:   Used to upgrade armor.

      ·          Brick: The basic building blocks of all structures in Spartan.

      ·          Horses: Necessary to recruit cavalry units.

      ·          Marble:  Needed for some more advanced buildings.

      ·          Copper: Used in recruiting infantry units.

      ·          Wood: Used in recruiting skirmisher units.

      ·          Silver: This is the basic currency of Spartan

      Battle mode

      When a battle begins you are taken to the deployment screen. Here you place your units on your side of the battlefield. You can choose from several unit formations depending on the unit type.   Once you’ve placed your army hit the “Start” button to begin the battle. During the battle sequence you have no control over your units save a charge, rally, and retreat command. You can also auto resolve.

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