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An amazingly fun game - then it's over.

Go web go! Swinging through the air before dropping down to the level of a bad guy, snatching away his gun and sending him flying into the air with a punch kick combo sounds fun, right?
And it is, that's what you'll be doing here. Feel free to mix it up a bit, you can choose how you want to defeat most enemies. I say most, as you've got a ton of boss fights to do. I take it you've seen the movie, or at least have a general idea of the villain; Doc Ock. That's not exactly the case here. Sure, you've got Doc Ock, but that's only one. You've got many others to fight, including Vulture and Mysterio. There are some stages where you're fighting up in the rooftops, and you aren't allowed to get to the ground, or you die. Then there are the smaller spaces, where you're creeping through corridors taking out enemies as they come.
The storyline is great, with cut-scenes that look spectacular (aside from what Peter looks like, hah!), but then there is the length. This game is horribly short. But after you've finished it, and unlocked all of the upgrades, you can do it all over again on a different difficulty. In fact doing the sandbox training levels are still a lot of fun, climbing up massive buildings and webslinging to the next one, swinging through the air and jumping back to the ground while taking out swards of enemies. This game looks really great, and shows what the PSP is capable of. As I've said; the cut-scenes also look great.
All characters have voices, and many of them are played by the same actors who play them in the movies.

Overall this is a great game, but it's length is its downside. If you can get this for a cheap price, definitely buy it.

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