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Starr Long started in the gaming industry as a QA tester at Origin Systems. He quickly rose to a producer and project director for Ultima Online in 1995. Starr had been the person to lobby for taking Ultima into the online realm. He was instrumental in devising and implementing many of the game’s distinguishing features and systems.

After leaving Origin in 2001, he helped found Destination Games, and served as the producer for Tabula Rasa. He also oversaw and facilitated Destination’s acquisition by NCSoft.

More recently, he worked for The Walt Disney Company on the Disney Connected Learning platform, and served as the producer for a number of education-focused titles released through it. Shortly after leaving Disney in early 2013, he established the Stellar Effect game design consultation company, and in July of the same year signed on as the executive producer for Shroud of the Avatar.

Just like Richard Garriott assumed the persona of Lord British in his games, so too has Starr taken on an alter ego in Shroud of the Avatar naming himself Darkstarr. He could not assume his previous alias Lord Blackthorn as it falls under the Ultima IP owned by EA.

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