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    Starship Simulator

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released August 2022

    Step aboard one of the most detailed Starships ever made, and serve as part of the crew on mankind's first-ever deep space exploration vessel.

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    Starship Simulator is an open-world, space simulator, developed by Fleetyard Studios, initially only for PC via Steam. The game is looking to release in 2022

    Players can be one of eight roles on the ship: Captain, Engineer, Doctor, Morale Officer, Passenger, Pilot, Science Officer, and Tactical Officer.

    The ship has been built from the ground up, every girder, bolt, cable, and pipe has been painstakingly built, in a beautiful display of engineering and mathematical precision.

    With over 200 rooms spread over 7 decks, the player is free to explore the entire ship on foot without barriers or loading screens. Gaze out of the panoramic lounge windows while the action outside of the ship is taking place in real-time, or hop in a shuttle and take it out for a quick spin.

    Starship Simulator's focus on science and realistic simulation also extends to the galaxy itself, with over 2 billion procedurally generated star systems to explore.


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