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Hey Bombers,

Just got a new MacBook Pro after using my old poo Dell laptop through graduating college. I'm pretty stoked to finally have a computer I can play some games on. I'm not looking for anything crazy, I realize I don't have a gnarly gaming desktop, but was hoping you guys would have some suggestions for cool games I could download off Steam. Smaller titles comparable to XBLA or PSN downloadables are what I'm looking for. I've seen a ton of awesome indie games available through Steam on this site over the past few years, but nothing is popping to mind so I turn to you.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance, fellas.

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Atom Zombie Smasher is really great if you like strategy games. Dungeons of Dredmor is a pretty good rogue-like. The Binding of Isaac is awesome, but runs like crap on my Macbook Pro. They're all around five bucks, I think, too.

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For Mac? Er...Plants vs Zombies?

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