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Just got a somewhat decent computer to play games. None of my friends play on PC. Friend requests would be appreciated.
SteamID: LittleBigBen1 
PSN: LittleBigBen01 
Xbox Live: LittleBigBen1

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#2 Posted by AltonBrown (1007 posts) -

I'm LordToastington on both Steam and XBL. Feel free to hit me up.

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Roughneck117 on Steam.

Also theres a community group called pressxordie on steam that you can look up. Theres always dudes on the chat, and you can join in anytime. Dudes play games all the time so its a good place to make friends. Also, hit up the various GB communities on there and the Tested ones if want to play TF2. I think they have an event once a week at the least.

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Appreciate the help guys, definitely didn't expect such a friendly response this early.

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#5 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6659 posts) -

Just added ya. Prime Synergy a.k.a. Baby Choo Choo

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