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Streets of Rage 2 - A great old school beat-‘em up game to revist

It’s been almost 20 years since Streets of Rage 2 was first released, back in 1992 for the Sega Genesis. Back then the graphics, game play and music were superb, but, for today’s standard it’s just not appealing enough to make an average gamer interested enough on this game.

Back when it was first released Streets of Rage had an exciting mixture of game play, graphics and music. For the current console generation the graphics have been retouched, so that the game is playable on higher definition TVs. Even so, the visuals take a hit, making the characters and background a little edgy. 

 Max Thunder in the first level
Max Thunder in the first level

Game play is still as fun and varied as you may remember it, that is, if you played this game on the Genesis.  If you didn’t, all this game may provide is a couple of fun hours going through an interesting beat-‘em up  .

Music was the most memorable part of SOR2, it really helped immerse you in the experience. Sadly it does not retain such an important role anymore making it quiet easily dismissible by a person that is not playing this game out of nostalgia.

In summary, if you ever played this game on the Genesis, you must give it a go, especially since as of this review the game is free for PSN +subscribers. PSN+ is free for a month as part of the welcome back program from Sony, so basically you have plenty of time to revisit or experience this great game for free. 

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