"Isuke" Considers Cannon Dancer His Sequel to Strider

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   Kouichi Yotsui aka
   Kouichi Yotsui aka "Isuke"
Cubed3.com have been speaking to Ex-Capcom veteran videogame designer, Kouichi Yotsui, aka "Isuke", about his work to date, which includes the recent Moon Diver, and his future plans which include a 3DS game. In the interview he was asked about the Capcom classic, Strider:    

AR: Does Capcom still hold the rights to Strider, or could you use the name in the future? 

Yotsui-san: I was an employee of Capcom when I worked on Strider, therefore, I do not have any rights to use the name directly for any possible future project(s). 

AR: You worked with Mitchell Corporation on Cannon Dancer / Osman. Was this your ‘Strider 2’? Will you work with Mitchell again on another similar game? 

Yotsui-san: Personally, I consider Cannon Dancer to be my Strider 2. However, the real Strider 2 was released in the coin-op arcades, with the legal rights for it being held solely by Capcom. If Mitchell needs me for a new Cannon Dancer / Osman, then I am now available!     

 Full interview here:  http://www.cubed3.com/news/15500

Thanks to Adam Riley @ Cubed.3.com

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