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A spiritual successor to Strider, Moon Diver brings familiar hack-and-slash gameplay into a more futuristic setting, structured as a side-scrolling role playing game. Up to four players can experience the game at once, and are able to utilize their teammates for making the most of co-operative magic skills.

The game was released on the PlayStation Network for PS3 at the end of March 2011, on Xbox Live in April.


When characters level up, they're given attribute bonuses to put towards three categories of character development - Health points, Magic points, and Power. Each character boosts their stats slightly differently.

Tolby - proficient in developing strength.
Hitori - proficient in developing HP.
Seyreut - points develop evenly.
Orion - proficient in developing Power

Unlockable characters
Silence - proficient in developing evenly in all areas.


Players can form together by prompting to one another, executing co-operative moves against enemies. New magic attacks are found scattered across each level.

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