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Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is a return for many people.  A return to a series they liked but fell out of, and a return to old school adventure games from the 1990’s that captured our hearts with clever writing and puzzle solving.  The premise of Episode 1 in this 5 part episodic adventure is Homestar Runner falls out of good graces with the rest of the town, leaving him to bunk in Strong Bad’s house, and it is up to Strong Bad to save the day!

In the game you point around the screen at items, which gives you a couple of lines of dialogue for everything you look at.  Some things help you solve puzzles while some are just their for entertainment, such as Strong Bad’s famous emails and Bubs' Concession Stand.  There isn’t much to speak of graphically or music wise, and the graphics are basic and blurry on the Wii, even at its’ brisk block size of 319, the largest on the console.  Gameplay wise, there are a few tricky puzzles here and there, but they’re nothing to be overly concerned about.

Or that would be the case if the game didn’t have a number of bugs in it, including crashing if you’re on a widescreen television and puzzles not letting you advance although you have everything in place.  This happened once each in my time with the game.  Overall, it’s 3 to 4 hours of enjoyment and worth the $10 ($9 on PC, $7 if you pre-ordered on PC) if you’re an old school Adventure fan or a Homestar Runner fan.  If you’re not either, especially the latter, it’s hard to recommend this game for you.

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