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This isn't a sweet Harmony 0

              The Castlevania series isn’t known for its’ overhauls.   While it took on the form of a Metroid style game with Symphony of the Night to get people to coin the term “Metroidvania”, it has pretty much been the same formula over and over since then, for better or worse.   When it was announced that Harmony of Despair would be a multiplayer-driven and not a story-driven game, people raised eyebrows, and those eyebrows can be kept high to some extent knowing that this isn’t exactly the...

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The Hunt is On! 2

Monster Hunter Tri is Capcom’s latest attempt to get western audiences interested in their wildly popular MMO-light franchise where you can play with up to 3 others at a time to hack away at some monsters, gather resources, or one of a few other quests that will help you along the way becoming the greatest Monster Hunter in the land.   The game utilizes almost everything the Wii has to offer in terms of graphics, gameplay, and in terms of online support, which rivals Mario Kart in terms of its’ ...

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A Tale of Two Games 0

 This is a tale of two games.   One game is almost simulated bliss.   With tons of action and variety, the first game is an awesome ride from near beginning to end, with you running into problems rarely.   The other game is pure pain.   An elongated torture on your soul, the game slowly breaks you until you can no longer take it anymore, forcing you to either continue taking its’ punishment while you slowly level up to not get killed in a single attack.   What are these two games you ask?   Why,...

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Desperate Indeed 0

 The last piece of downloadable content of Resident Evil 5 is now upon us. Whereas Lost in Nightmares gave loyal Resident Evil fans a taste of what their favorite Resident Evil games could be like, Desperate Struggle provides more of what Resident Evil 5 gave us: Lots of zombies, lots of ammo, and lots of frustrating moments that are unnecessary.Desperate Struggle is about Jill being rescued by Josh from an underground cave that Chris and Sheva cleared out for him. We all knew Josh was an opport...

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The Gods are Weak, Kratos is not 1

 The original God of War changed the aspect of actions games in industry.   It took the in-depth combat style of Ninja Gaiden and mixed it with the over the top flair of Devil May Cry while simplifying the combat system to bring interest of the genre to a new group of people.   Fast forward 5 years and God of War III is the culmination of refinement and set pieces the series is known for without getting too far away from its’ original roots, for both good and bad. You begin this game where th...

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Giving 800 points a bad name 0

When announced, Fable II Pub Games was teased as an in-game feature to Fable II, but quickly turned around as an Xbox Live Arcade game so players could start their journey in Albion in the life of luxury.  This, however is not so easy as the games are built entirely on luck, and anytime you earn money, it isn't a lot and takes a long time to accumulate.There are 3 games in Pub Games, Fortune's Tower, Keystone and Spinnerbox, and only the first seems to be the most thoughtout one of the bunch as ...

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A great concept ruined by technology 4

The original Bionic Commando was heralded as one of the best and innovative games on the NES, and 20 years later, Capcom has looked to spark new magic with the franchise by remaking the original.  And with current standards of remakes, Bionic Commando: Rearmed for Xbox Live Arcade once again falls into the category of 'worse than the original' due to focusing too much on added content than improving what made the original great, gameplay.There will be several instances in Bionic Commando: Rearme...

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Welcome to Homestar Runner Dot Net, it’s Dot Com! 0

Strong Bad’s Cool Game For Attractive People is a return for many people.  A return to a series they liked but fell out of, and a return to old school adventure games from the 1990’s that captured our hearts with clever writing and puzzle solving.  The premise of Episode 1 in this 5 part episodic adventure is Homestar Runner falls out of good graces with the rest of the town, leaving him to bunk in Strong Bad’s house, and it is up to Strong Bad to save the day! In the game you point around the s...

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The most polished game on the system 0

2007 was the year of trilogies. Some began, some ended. No console was immune to this, and none went quite the way Metroid Prime 3: Corruption for the Wii did. With innovate controls, an interesting and dark plot, and some of the best graphics seen on the Console, Retro ended Metroid Prime the way it began. Splendedly.When the Wii controller was first introduced in 2005 at Tokyo Game Show, Metroid Prime 2: Echoes was a showcase game for how the controller would work in a variety of ways. This is...

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