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  • Eight playable characters
    • Four mighty members of the Supernatural Super Squad!
      • Bigfoot - The Last Sasquatch of North America
      • Enki - The Annunaki Prince of Orion
      • Nessie - The Loch Ness Monster
      • Jeff the Yeti - An Abominal Snowbeast from the Himilayas
    • Four forces of evil bent on destroying our world.
      • Wizard Kukulkan - A powerful and ancient wizard and God of the ancient Maya
      • Clíodhna - The Irish Banshee Queen
      • General Choad - A maniacal killing machine whose mission is to eliminate all supernatural scum
      • Grandpa Krampus - The Demon-goat Yule Lord
  • Local versus mode with choice of battling against human or computer players.
  • Unlockable fighters and stage environments in single player mode for use in multiplayer combat
  • Collectible Supernatural Super Squad Fight! achievements

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