To play for campaign only.

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Is this game worth having if I only want to play the campaign? Another question, does it have splitscreen so I can play the co-op, or is it just online? I'm not adverse to playing the multiplayer mode, but I don't have live, and want it on 360, not PS3; even if I had Xbox Live, I don't have friends on the system to play it with, and on PS3, while I do have friends on the PS3, I've never played MP with one since most of us are perfectly content with our single player experiences, and some just don't play all that much; not that we wouldn't play if I had asked, but I just never cared. When it comes to multiplayer, if I ever play, it's always either me trying it myself, though rarely, or it's when I play with my brothers, one with me in person, and another elsewhere. So, is it good enough for the campaign alone? Thank you. Happy holidays, and the world is ending tomorrow!

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It's decent, but short and nothing in it will blow your mind if you've ever played a first-person shooter in the past. I don't believe the campaign is co-op in any capacity, as the co-op feature is a separate feature altogether with specific missions not in the campaign. At least, that's what I think is the case.

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It's just long enough to be interesting. Not too long, not too short. It's got a pretty good visual aesthetic but most of the gameplay is stuff you've seen before, and you can guess who the main bad guy is the minute you see him. It would be no spoiler to post a name and picture of him. However, there are a handful of minor puzzles and some pretty good boss fights, one in particular involving a futuristic flying-thing and a train high above a city, that are very interesting.

So, yes, I say get it. I hardly think it's anywhere close to "classic" or "best game of the year", but "fun", "interesting", and "pretty good" are words that can be applied to it quite well.

EDIT: On the topic of split-screen, I don't think the console versions are but I played it on PC and it definitely isn't there.

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@Godlyawesomeguy: @believer258: Alright, thanks. And I didn't mean "Is the campaign co-op?" I know it's not, I meant is the co-op splitscreen?

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If you can grab it for $10 or $15 then for sure.

It has some interesting moments, looks great, and the combat is pretty fun to mess around with. The biggest issue I had with it is that they don't give you enough abilities to toy around with in the single player.

It's a neat game that makes a great first impression, but gets a little tiring by the end.

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I forget about the co-op. I only rented the 360 version. Just bought the pc version for 7$. Well worth it. Not very demanding either. I just love starbreeze games in general though.

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