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The main goal of Tail Gator is to navigate small rooms and find the treasure chest with a key in it so that Charly the alligator can progress through each area. Each room is about 2-3 screens wide and each room is one of about half a dozen that compromise each of the 5 levels in the game. Each room is filled with quickly respawning enemies, treasure chests and tricky landscape. At the end of each area a password is presented and the player can choose which area to head to next.  
This game has points, uses a heart health system and has various power-ups. 

Power Ups

 The treasure chests that don't have keys will all have some sort of power-up to help Charly in his quest.  
  • "B" Icon: Gives Charly extra points. The most common item found.
  • "P" Icon: Fills the power bar above the health bar. Once this is full Charly will unleash a short range wave attack with each of his normal tail attacks.
  • Bomb: Clears the screen of any enemies
  • Heart: Fills one health point on the health bar.
  • Key: Lets Charly exit the room.

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