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When the game starts, the player chooses a combination of up to 10 players, with any combination of players/computer AI. After choosing the set number of games (up to 20), the terrain and tank spawn order is randomly decided. The tanks fall from the sky to their starting point, one by one, from left to right. Lastly, the tanks take turns firing at each other from left to right until only one tank remains.

Other options the player can turn on involve adding a wind factor which affects the shots trajectory, rebounding walls, tank gravity, and background effects.

After every match, points are distributed to players for kills and winning. Players can then use these to purchase upgrades for their tank, such as new weapons and misc. items. Upgrades include increasing the blast radius, nukes, shields, lasers, and even creating grass for defense.


The AI comes in various attack patterns, each matching their given name.

  • Rifleman: shoots on a linear path.
  • Lobber: Attacks using trial and error.
  • Lob & Shoot: A combination of Lobber and Rifleman.
  • Windless Wit: Perfect aim using parabolic attacks but can not compensate for wind.
  • Windmaster: Windless Wit which can compensate for wind.
  • Twanger: Attacks using rebounding walls. If the walls are non rebounding, then attacks with linear shots.
  • Mr. Stupid: Attacks randomly, often killing itself.

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