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In Tap Tap (also known as Tap Tap Revenge) the player is shown three tracks on the screen, each of which has circles travelling down them. It is the goal of the player to hit the circles as they reach the bottom of the screen, making them hit the touch screen in time with the music. If the player successfully taps a circle in time their score will increase, and successfully hitting multiple circles in a row will increase their score multiplier. The multiplier is returned to 1x if the player misses any of the notes during their streak.

Apart from Tap Tap Muppets the entire series has been developed and published by Tapulous, and while many of the games in the Tap Tap series, especially the earlier ones, include a variety of songs, more recent games such as Katy Perry Revenge or Justin Bieber Revenge have featured soundtracks focused around a single artist.

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