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Tasha is a commanding officer from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin in the Lazurian Air Force. Her main focus after the meteor shower that ended civilization is revenge against Rubinelle for the death of her brother. She sticks with what's left of the Lazurian military and grudgingly follows the orders of her superior, General Forsythe, looking for more opportunities to kill anyone from Rubinelle. Her hair trigger temper is sometimes kept in check by her comrade Gage, who is her complete opposite in terms of personality and motivation.


 Her experience as a pilot and burning desire for revenge gives attack boosts to air units in her CO Zone.

CO Zone:
  • Size: 1
  • Zone Boost: Offensive (****) and Defensive (**) boost
  • CO Power: Sonic Boom, increases movement to all air units by 2


Tasha is a enemy in the campaign who eventually joins Brenner's Wolves and is even playable for one mission.

Early on she makes it clear she's gunning for as many Rubinelle civilians and soldiers as she possibly can, even after the devastation caused by the meteors. She almost mistakes Will for her late brother and this only fuels her desire for revenge. She appears a few times as an enemy but defeat never deters her. She is eventually captured when Brenner's Wolves are persuaded by Admiral Greyfield into defeating what's left of the Lazurian Military and General Forsythe.

She as well as Gage and the rest of the Lazurain soldiers are about to be executed when Brenner's Wolves desert Greyfield's army in an attempt to rescue them. The rescue doesn't win her over until much later when she learns Greyfield was responsible for her brother's death and focuses her efforts into fighting alongside Will and the others. She takes command in mission 17 "The Creeper" and goes up against Tabitha and a secret weapon known as the Talon Gun.

She stays with Will and the others until the end of the game after dealing with Dr. Caulder.

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