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Tabitha is a commanding officer from Advance Wars: Days of Ruin who finds enjoyment from deploying experimental weapons on her enemies. She is one of the many "daughters" of Dr. Caulder and, under his direction, acts as a commander for the private military company Intelligent Defense Systems. In the aftermath of the meteor shower that ended civilization, she views survivors as nothing more than test subjects and often refers to others as lab rats. She is merciless and very dedicated to crushing her opponents due to a well fostered superiority complex. Not even her sisters are safe from her vindictive personality.

The only person she treats with any sort of respect is her father, Dr. Caulder.


Her command style is built around sheer firepower. She has no CO Zone to start, but the unit she occupies gets extreme offensive and defensive boosts. Her CO power is an airstrike from the city sized bomber called The Great Owl. It's very similar to Sturm's Meteor Strike and Von Bolt's Ex Machina from previous Advance Wars games.

CO Zone:
  • Size: 0
  • Boost: Offensive (*****) and defensive (*****) boost
  • CO Power: Firestorm, drops a massive bomb on a cluster of units in a 5x5 diamond pattern causing 8HP damage.


Tabitha appears several times throughout the story but doesn't appear as an enemy CO until mission 17 "The Creeper" where she takes control of an abandoned secret weapon called the Talon Gun. One of her recurring themes is overwhelming firepower. Every time she takes command she has control of a top secret weapon or a gigantic bomber and turns it against Brenner's Wolves to wreak havoc. She takes great satisfaction in killing people with advanced weapons and constantly asks her father for more.

Like Penny and Isabella, Tabitha is actually a highly modified clone of Caulder. Her reflexes and strength are well above a normal human being and she has no trouble commanding massive armies. Her disregard of people's lives started early, as she admits she killed a clone of Isabella once with no regrets. But no matter how successful she is as a weapon, she's still completely expendable to Caulder and is abandoned after losing to Will and the others in the mission "Lab Rats." At the end of the game Penny mentions she's still at large, but she is not heard from again.

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