Von Bolt

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    The chief CO of Black Hole. The mastermind behind all the dastardly plots against Omega Land in Advance Wars: Dual Strike.

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    Von Bolt is old and doesn't want to die. Thankfully, there is an unsuspecting continent full of energy and a number of crazy scientists available to help him stay alive and well. Von Bolt heads up the Black Hole Army in Dual Strike after Sturm is ousted, and is far more secretive than Sturm was in games past about his intentions and motives. Von Bolt also has a crazy Super CO Power and no CO Power like Sturm, but Von Bolt's power is decidedly less ridiculous in strength than Sturm's. He is a generally unlikeable fellow, and the allied forces of Omega Land have few qualms about dispatching him once they learn of his presence.

    Gameplay Effects

    • 10% strength bonus for all units.
    • CO Power: Does not have one.
    • Super CO Power: Ex Machina. Ten stars. A lightning bolt falls down from the sky, damaging and immobilizing all in the radius. The blast is a 5-wide diamond (the same size as a Black Bomb blast), deals 3 HP to all in the radius and forces all afflicted to wait on their next turn. This attack will hit allied troops as well.
    • Tag Breaks: Due to Von Bolt's villainous nature, he suffers a firepower loss if paired with any CO not part of Black Hole.

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