What do you think of Special Delivery/Doomsday?

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So the new map and mode have been out for a few days, what does everyone think of it?
Personally I really like the mode. It's very hectic and fast paced. It's very much like King of the Hill but it forces you to spread out your team rather than just contesting a single area of the map. Some people still seem to have trouble figuring out how the game works as there is about a 50% chance your entire team will head immediately for the rocket, but when you do fall into a good round it's very, very fun. In a lot of ways it does to CTF what Payload did for CP, it changes it up just enough for things to  feel different and encourages a brisker, more offensive playstyle.
On the other hand, while I really do enjoy playing it, the map Doomsday really does have some serious problems. The most glaring of these is the fact that Snipers pretty much have a straight sight line from the spawn door all the way to the rocket. Right now it's at the point where if your team has even one competent Sniper it is very very difficult for your opponent to launch the rocket. This is somewhat exasperated by the huge split between the Red and Blu sides that forces all but the most mobile of classes to take a very long path around to even deal with the Sniper who is, once again, right outside his own spawn door.
That's honestly my biggest complaint though. The only other real issue is it is just way, way to easy never lose the intelligence once you reach the rocket. The spawn doors are so close and there is so much health and ammo around that your team is NEVER going to have no one ready to pick the intel back up again before the timer resets. This creates an issue where the initially skirmish is more about who manages to touch the intel first which makes Scout rushing an incredibly effective tactic.
Overall though, it is a very fun mode. It has some glaring issues, but that's been the case with nearly every new gamemode in TF2. Hopefully in time we'll get some new Valve and community maps to really stretch out the concept and see what it is capable of.

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I thought it was really fun. The googles are also a really nice dumb addition to an already fun and dumb game. I´m glad I came back to that game. With over 300 hours spent since that game came out, I can definitely say that it hasn´t run it´s course yet. There is still a lot of fun to be had.

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I like it. I make it my mission when I'm Scout on that map to destroy all snipers with a vengence. Most of the time they are hanging out at the back of the map watching the rocket. It's easy to run up and smash them with my Sandman.

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