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Released by Bally in 1992, The Addams Family pinball machine has enjoyed record sales.


  • Sound bytes by Anjelica Huston and Raul Julia, who played Morticia and Gomez in the movie.
  • A computer-controlled flipper which activates after a certain sequence of shots is made, called the Thing Flipper, after the disembodied hand. This automated flipper was used successfully to lure players in by generating interest. How? The flippers would "flip" when the machine idled, while the machine was idle it would play the Addam's Family theme, and during the parts where finger snapping would occur, the flippers would activate in sync.
  • A dot-matrix display, one of the first for a pinball machine.

Game Modes

There are thirteen (natch) different "rooms", or game modes, available by shooting the electric chair or swamp kickout on the field.

  1. 3 Million: Player gets 3 million points.
  2. 6 Million: Player gets 6 million points.
  3. 9 Million: Player gets 9 million points.
  4. Extra Ball: Extra Ball is lit at Thing's eject. Hit that shot for an extra ball.
  5. Graveyard At Max: The bumpers, or "graveyard", advance to their maximum value, increasing the Graveyard value by 30,000 points per hit until the ball is lost.
  6. Hit Cousin It: The player has 20 seconds where all switches score 200,000 points. Hitting Cousin It, located near the middle of the table, scores 2 million points, and increases the switch value by 50,000.
  7. The Mamushka: For 20 seconds, every switch scores 250,000 points.
  8. Quick Multiball: Lights Quick Multiball at Thing's eject. Hitting that starts a two-ball multiball. Getting the ball into the Vault scores 5 million points, and can be increased by shooting the Vault or the center ramp. This continues until there is one ball remaining.
  9. Raise the Dead: The player has 30 seconds to hit as many bumpers as possible. All bumper hits are worth 100,000 points, and If any one bumper is hit 4 times, it scores 3 million points. After 30 seconds, or when all bumpers are hit 4 times, the round ends, but the 100,000-per-bumper scoring still applies.
  10. Seance: The player has 30 seconds to hit any ramp. The first hit is worth 5 million points, the second is 10 million, and the third is 15 million. Making it harder is the magnets that are activated under the playfield, which can knock the ball in any direction.
  11. Thing Multiball: The Thing Multiball value starts at 15 million points and dwindles down to 3 million, and Thing's eject is lit. Hitting it scores whatever value it shows, stops the countdown, and starts a two-ball multiball. Hitting the Vault scores the Multiball value. This continues until there is one ball remaining.
  12. Tunnel Hunt: The player has 20 seconds to hit three shots: Electric Chair, Swamp, and Vault. The first shot is worth 5 million points, the second shot is 10 million points, and the third is 15 million.

When all twelve of these modes are played, the thirteenth mode is available, Tour the Mansion.

Tour the Mansion

When Tour the Mansion is collected, the following occur:

  • 50 million points are awarded.
  • A Special (usually worth a free game) is lit in the outlanes.
  • Graveyard goes to the max.
  • Extra ball is lit.
  • Mamushka, Hit Cousin It, Seance, Tunnel Hunt, Raise the Dead, and Thing Multiball are started, in order, one after the other.

After all of this happens, the mansion modes are returned to their uncollected states.


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