The Darkness

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    The Darkness is a supernatural force that requires a human host to survive. It chooses a bloodline to follow and will possess each son of the bloodline on their 21st birthday, and eventually consume their soul.

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    The Darkness' origin is still relatively unclear, but what is known is that it is an ageless entity whose existence dates back to before human history. The Darkness requires a host to survive, and usually chooses a family line to go through. The Darkness will go from father to son once the son is initially concieved, but it will also kill the father once the Darkness leaves him. The Darkness then lies in a dormant state until the son's 21st birthday, upon which it manifests itself and slowly begins to take control over the human host it has possessed. The Darkness has claimed many victims dating back to the days of World War One.


    The Darkness instills its host with many different supernatural powers and abilities. The powers are varied and can only be used when the host is in complete darkness or in very little light.

    Demon Arm

    The Demon Arm is a tentacle-esque appendage gifted with super strength and a sharp end perfect for impaling unfortunate enemies.

    Creeping Dark

    The Creeping Dark is a stealth maneuver in which one of the Darkness' heads will slither like a snake into small places such as air ducts and vents in order to open doors or take out unsuspecting enemies without alerting others.

    Darkness Guns

    The Darkness guns are dual pistols that harness and then channel the power of the Darkness into a powerful seismic wave or shot, depending on which gun you are using. These are only usable in the dark, but are very powerful and overusage can lead to the Darkness taking control over you.

    Black Hole

    The black hole is quite simply the ability to cause black whirlpools in mid-air that suck in anyone within a reasonable distance. Anyone taken into the black hole is killed instantly. The power can prove to be very useful in spots with many enemies.


    The Darklings are small creatures that can be summoned through small holes in the ground, and come in four distinct types. They will obey the Darkness and its human host, and will kill anything in their path.


    Berserker darklings are best suited for melee combat, and will tear enemies apart with their claws, and even use various weapons such as saws to sever the heads of their enemies. They can also be used to move heavy objects such as cars, despite their short stature.


    Gunner darklings carry large gatling-guns that they use to whipe out waves of enemies and are best suited for ranged combat. They are relatively vulnerable to gun fire, but can be found useful when faced with an overwhelming amount of enemies.


    The kamikaze darkling acts as a walking bomb. When summoned and directed to a location, they will promptly blow themselves up, taking the lives of anyone near them. Again, they are very useful for hordes of enemies.


    The light darklings have the ability to destroy any source of light in their path, and can be useful when the Darkness can't be used due to the copious amount of lights in the area. They are very weak but can prove useful and a way to save ammo when you don't have to shoot out lights to manifest the Darkness.


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