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    The Ignition Factor

    Game » consists of 8 releases. Released Nov 11, 1994

    A top-down action game for the SNES in which players take on the role of a firefighter, extinguishing fires and rescuing people.

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    The Ignition Factor (JP: Fire Fighting) is a Super Nintendo game released in 1994. Developed by Jaleco, The Ignition Factor is a top-down action game in which the player takes on the role of a firefighter. The game aims to simulate realistic situations, tasking players with the job of saving civilians, subduing flames, and ultimately discovering the source of the fire. The Ignition Factor was rereleased on Nintendo's Virtual Console on August 25, 2011.


    The Ignition Factor is broken up into different levels, reflecting a variety of settings and scenarios. The player is briefed prior to starting a mission, at which point they are able to review maps of the building, select the placement of their firetruck, and equip relevant equipment. One must account for encumbrance when selecting equipment, as bringing too many items will hinder players, limiting one's ability to both kick and sprint. Players automatically begin each level with a standard fire extinguisher and are allowed to pick from a variety of additional items including:

    • Chemical Fire Extinguisher - This extinguisher will put out chemical fires.
    • Electrical Fire Extinguisher - This extinguisher will put out electrical fires.
    • Oxygen Tank and Mask - This item will allow breathing in toxic conditions.
    • Rope - Areas can be crossed using the rope.
    • Axe - Can be used to open doors.
    Protecting fossils from the encroaching flames.
    Protecting fossils from the encroaching flames.

    All three extinguishers start with an ammo count of 99 which is depleted through their use. Although the standard extinguisher will replenish its ammo automatically, the other two must be refilled by allies within the mission. Players have three changes to complete any given mission, and must remain mindful of both their health and the time limit which varies between stages. Levels become increasingly dangerous over time, encouraging players to complete their objectives as quickly as possible. Players are awarded a score at the end of each stage based on several criteria, including: remaining time, civilians rescued, and items retrieved. Different scenarios will present different challenges and objectives, some of which are optional. For example, one optional objective has players protecting fossils from oncoming fire as workers remove them from a museum.


    Each level in The Ignition Factor is broken up into multiple stages. Players who achieve a good score over the course of all the levels will unlock a bonus mission. All of the levels and their associated stages are as follows:

    • Level 1: Pygmalion Products and Bradshaw Steel Mill
    • Level 2: McGlone Mine, Whitney Appliances, and Dino Park
    • Level 3: Paris Mine, Shylock Center, and Gemini Towers
    • Bonus Level: DM Headquarters

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