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#51 Posted by FidusLingura (111 posts) -

I wouldn't mind getting some dudes to play with online. I'm going to be on once I'm done with the campaign.

PSN : - FidusLingura

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#52 Posted by SameOldStars (8 posts) -

I am universally horrible at virtually all MP, but I can learn and would love to get in on some coordinated groups.

PSN: Kyarl

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#53 Edited by gaminghooligan (1831 posts) -


Id: xH00LI64Nx

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#54 Posted by Thatguy060 (99 posts) -

Id: nukem060

I've got a mic and I'm just looking to mess around and kill some fireflies.

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#55 Posted by christopherson329 (323 posts) -


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#56 Edited by twi (225 posts) -

I'll update the first post list tonight! Been great playing with you guys!

I should be game for a few rounds around 11 pm est tonight if anyone wants to join in.

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#57 Posted by vikingdeath1 (1302 posts) -

PSN: vikingdeath1

I'm late to the party But I've been busy!

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#58 Edited by X19 (2370 posts) -
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#59 Edited by ryanmgraef (243 posts) -

Psn: mariedwhiteninja

I like to have fun.

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#60 Posted by JooceBocksHero (3 posts) -

PSN: JooceBocksHero

I've played a little bit of the MP with randoms, but I wanna get down on some team action, so hit me up!

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#61 Posted by VirtuaXav (474 posts) -

PSN: xavmeese

I'm from Australia so add me if you're from that part of the world.

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#62 Edited by PAkman5009 (48 posts) -

PSN: Pakman2920

Can't wait to play some games with you duders 8)

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#63 Edited by GRIMREEFZ (400 posts) -
No Caption Provided

GRIMREEFZ - on all platforms including steam

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#64 Posted by mrfancypants (5 posts) -

PSN: Tavish_B

I'd love to play with all ya GB people!

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#65 Edited by helmit64 (5 posts) -

PSN: helmit64

Haven't tried the multiplayer yet but I need a break from the single player from time to time. Lookin' forward to some murderous shit.

Edit: Oh yeah. PST B T dub.

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#66 Posted by ThatOneDork (19 posts) -

PSN: ThatOneDork

A lot of my friends and others I play with focus more on One games, and I need PSN friends to play this game with.

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#67 Edited by Slurpelve (689 posts) -

PSN: Slurpelve

Im just trying to finish the story but Im down to play.

Eastern timezone

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#68 Edited by purplepeopleeater (40 posts) -

psn: Eloquent_Hobo

I've only played a few rounds, but I've loved it so far. Feel free to add me!

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#69 Edited by jorjor (31 posts) -


played quite a bit already but would love to play with a consistent team of people.

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#70 Edited by Lomilias (54 posts) -

PSN: Lomilias23

I resident in Copenhagen, Denmark, so my gaminghours might be a little off compared to you lovely americans, but feel free to add me anyways. I'd love to have a somewhat consistent team for TLoU.

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#71 Posted by twi (225 posts) -

List updated! Been great playing with you all!

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#72 Posted by dogbox (623 posts) -

PSN - Scheds

Playing for the first time with Remastered. Gonna finish up the SP this week and fire up the MP this weekend!

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#73 Posted by BongoBilly (3 posts) -

Add me Cheshire_kraut.

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#74 Edited by Borp (214 posts) -

Don't know if anyone is still playing this but i'm having a lot of fun with it, just got my PS4. PSN ID: Borpan1

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#75 Posted by BeardDuder (180 posts) -

PSN: Chancely_S

Just grabbed a PS4 and TLOF this weekend. should start playing soon.

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#76 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

i still play occasionally but it seems like a lot of other duders (at least the ones i added!) dont play much anymore...

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#77 Posted by afabs515 (2005 posts) -

Psn ID is afabs515. Add me duders

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#78 Posted by Rasnik (45 posts) -

Hi all! I would be greatful for some multiplayer fun so add me.

Psn id: Cluster444

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#79 Posted by BradBrains (2269 posts) -

Bradbrains is my psn ID

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#80 Posted by regularassmilk (1710 posts) -

Getting in on this action soon!

PSN ID-- DadShabazz

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#81 Posted by azrailx (604 posts) -

must. not. play. anymore. destiny.

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#82 Posted by twi (225 posts) -

@azrailx: haha, next time we are both on we should hit up some tlou


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