The Legend of Dragoon remake and sequels

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Who wants it to happen? I certainly do. There is so much Sony can do to make the game even better than it already is. Better graphics, retouched combat mechanic, more side-quests, etc. But aside from pleasing already-existing fans, the new game could bring in new fans, which could push Sony to develop a sequel, and effectively making LoD a franchise. There is so much potential with the series, story-wise. There could be an unlimited number of sequels which could span centuries and millenia since Dragoons are immortals.

However, even better than a sequel, would be a prequel. Make a game out of the previous Dragoons hinted at in the original game (Rose, Dart's father & cie). The story would effectively be what Rose told: she and the others freed the humans from slavery at the hands of the Winglies.

Thoughts? Do you want a remake and other games in this universe? I do want; very much.

Note: here's a little something:

I really like this song. I always wondered how awesome it would sound played on a real piano and having a full orchestra as support.

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i'm still working on the first one but hell yes they need to make a sequel.

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I think they'd have to reinvent to whole combat system. It's been some years since I finished it, so I don't remember much. But I do remember that I loved the story but found the game to be repetitive as hell. Too much combat and it's too much of the same. If they kept the story with new gameplay elements, then it would surely be great.

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Oh hell yeah, Legend of Dragoon was awesome, my favorite game on PS1. 

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Definitely, it was my favorite RPG back in the day...  with a few adjustments it would amazing.

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I never played the game. I got into JRPGs to late into the PS1, and only got to play a couple of them (mostly FF (I, II, IV, VII, VIII) Vagrant Story and Parasite Eve). Im really trying to catch up to some old JRPGs, I recently finished Wild Arms, and Star Ocean, but since I live in a far out country, I cant freely buy things from ebay, so Im missing a lot of great games that I really want to play now, like Xenogears, this game, the first 2 Suikodens, FF IX (I hated the game after the first disc, but now I want to finish it) and Valkyrie Profile, which for some reason nobody has here for the PSP.

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My favourite game for the PS1 definitely needs a sequel/prequel/remake. I think I like your idea of a prequel starring Rose, Zeig, Haschel, his daughter, and all the rest of the dragoon warriors we never find out about.

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