Are Amiibo region locked?

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I travel a lot and have picked up a few of the figures that I thought looked cool/cute. I have a European Switch that I bought in Dubai, running a Canadian account. But when I touch the Amiibo I bought in the US/Canada, all I get is a *boink sound but the other Amiibo(that were bought in Dubai and Europe) worked fine without issue. I feel a little pissed because they've all been in box and I only opened them up for Zelda. (My Smash Bros Series Link won't register). Any suggestions?

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Everything that I can find indicates that amiibo aren't region locked and the Switch itself is not region locked.

Are you running the most recent firmware? I'm on Wii U so no idea what kind of updates the Switch has had but maybe that could be an issue.

Edit: Maybe you should try giving the amiibo an owner in the system settings. Not sure if that's required but it couldn't hurt. Sorry, not sure of the exact method for this on Switch but I know it's possible on Wii U.

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They are not region locked. I have a European Wario (I'm in the US) that regularly gives me random meats and fish.

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