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Hyrule: Unmapped 0

Note: Before I begin, I'd like to acknowledge the fact that the version of this game that I played (Wii U) was marred by some pretty intense performance issues, mostly dealing in framerate and hitching. The reason that I am pointing this out is because 1) the technically superior version (NSW), from both my observation and (admittedly light) first-hand experience, has a product stable enough that I wouldn't even point it out in a Switch-centric review, and 2) I'm not that interested in exploring...

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A flawed gem worth playing. 1

Let me begin by giving a little bit of background on my experience with this franchise just in case that helps put this review in perspective. This is the first game in the Zelda franchise I have ever played from start to finish. The only other mainline Zelda game I have played was Wind Waker, which I didn't finish because it felt like I had spent a lot of time playing without making any progress and like 90% of my time was spent in a village talking to people after more than five hours. I did l...

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Review 0

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a third-person open world game made by Nintendo. In this iteration of the franchise, you play as Link, who wakes up in a cave with no memory of what happened. You soon learn that their was a battle between Ganon and Hyrule 100 years ago, but Hyrule lost. From that battle, you find that Zelda is trapped inside of the castle and you must go out and defeat Ganon and take back Hyrule.Before I get into this review, I must say that even though I know the basi...

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There and Back Again 2

It is somewhat astonishing to me that it has been some 15 years since the release of The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, my first ever adventure into the realm of open world games. Having been popularised by that very series and having become the almost de facto genre choice for big budget development one would have been forgiven for assuming that we wouldn't still be struggling to grapple with the side effects of giving players such freedom, or even the illusion of it.Granted, improvements and re...

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Making Love to the Mountain 0

Link has come back from the dead to embrace the love of his life, A curvy shimmering beauty known as...Death Mountain?Breath of a Wild is Nintendo's first foray into the world of open world games. There are hundreds of people to meet, thousands of weapons to pick up, and a countless miles to explore. Breath of The Wild is a marvel to behold dwarfing all other Zelda games before it in stature, unfortunately for all its grandeur it has half the personality of its predecessors and none of the heart...

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Wii U Review 0

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a fantastic open-world adventure filled with the thrill of discovery. Its world is filled with enough to see and do that you could spend 100 hours in Hyrule and still miss things. Above all else, it’s a game that drives players to experience it on their own terms. By changing up the longstanding Zelda formula it breathes new life into the open-world genre and succeeds even despite some minor technical and design problems.In typical Zelda fashion, ...

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The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - Review. 0

Link's latest adventure is one of his greatest to date, a game that all but changes the DNA of The Legend of Zelda franchise whilst still feeling familiar enough to satisfy even hardened fans.See that mountain? You can climb that.From the first moments Link walks out into the vast and beautiful lands of Hyrule, you know Nintendo have created something special. The Japanese developers have long promised fans an open world experience like no other and they've done just that. Climb every mountain, ...

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It's Good. 0

Can I just write "Sword Beams" 50 times? They're back, and they're better than ever. It's probably the best depiction of a post apocalyptic world in recent years. Hyrule Castle Town is a fucking desolate wasteland but the far reaches of the kingdom are not only still alive but continue to grow. Every character feels like a living person and every town feels alive in its own way. Weapon Degradation sucks ass if it's meaningless busywork but it's a way to penalize meaningless combat in this game ...

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The Open World Game I've Always Wanted 0

Breath of the Wild is Nintendo's attempt at injecting a much needed breath of fresh air into their core Zelda series. While only someone with an irrational hatred for Nintendo would call Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword bad games, they were incredibly formulaic and unsurprising. The top-notch dungeon design, charm, and Nintendo polish was all the series had left. The art and the magic was gone.Breath of the Wild brings that back in full force by going back to the series' roots. And I mean al...

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Breath of the Wild Review 0

To say I’ve enjoyed my time in Breath of the Wild is a gross understatement. The latest entry in Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda series is dynamically engaging, and very few games grab me in the way Breath of the Wild has. I’ll plan on playing for thirty minutes, but then four hours go by. One minute I’ll be saying, “Oh, just one more shrine and then I’ll quit… Just one more dungeon then I’ll quit… Let me beat Ganon and then I’ll quit,&rdq...

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Amazing Exploration and Puzzle Solving At It's Core, Albiet A Bit Rough Around the Edges. 0

While the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is not perfect, I think this is a game everyone should play. At it's core is incredible exploration, often done better than any other game. Shortly after the start of the game, you can go anywhere and complete challenges in any order you would like. It is breathtaking being able to see something way off in the distance and within a few moments to have traveled there. In fact, the only game mechanic which may limit your exploration abilities is stamin...

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Fun 0

Really, really fun. You can basically just dick around until you're ready to fight whatever cool shit you've marked up. I'm not a gamer but I could see myself playing this for a loooong time. Plus, it's really pretty and calming to look at. I'm someone who gets stressed really easily so I'm a big fan of chill games with a lot to do. ...

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Thoughts on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 0

Standing on top of a rock formation, looking out into the distant horizon across a sprawling landscape of monsters and ancient artifacts, only to see something in the distance that makes you go “What, the fuck, is that.”The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game that’s made for moments like these, moments of discovery where the game continues to surprise its players even after they’ve invested dozens of hours into the game. It’s an effort to revitalize a seri...

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Epic 0

This by a long shot the greatest Zelda game ever made. Most open world games feel empty and pointless, but in this game there is something to do in every corner. Sidequests, korok seeds, and shrines provide fun. Challenges while you complete the main quests. This world is not only engaging, it's beautiful. The art style is adds to the peaceful nature of most of the, but can still express other emotions at times. The soft piano ballads are subtle enough to put the focus on the gameplay while bein...

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An experience beyond. 0

After the first hour of Breath Of The Wild you can certainly tell that something is not exactly right. It's that feeling of "wait, how can this be...". After the first two hours, you're at the edge of your seat, slowly realizing that this thing you're feeling is very rare - so rare in fact, that you only felt it maybe once or twice before. After the first five hours you realize it's actually been eight, or maybe ten. Maybe days have passed, but you haven't noticed. You turn the console off and ...

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Into the wilderness 0

Nintendo absolutely nailed their first attempt at an open world Zelda game. BoTW is made from various ingredients taken from other games, refined and mixed into a magical dish. Although it still suffers from a couple problems inherent to the open world genre, it is the easiest to pick up and lose several hours at a time in.Aptly named, the game's primary enemy in the game is the wilderness itself. Not only does Link have to survive intense heat, cold, rain, and other hazards (each of which has m...

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Some series are not meant to be taken lightly. 0

I've said it before in 2004, it doesn't matter whether or not this is too classic to be messed with, it doesn't matter if it's Nintendo most serious game and when people buy it -- and they'll buy it if the box clearly states that there is nothing inside, just a blank disc with the Zelda logo printed in order to drive fanboys crazy. They misunderstood Zelda, it is not something made to be carved in stone, this was always meant to walk alone with its own legs, with its own merits.The life after O...

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While reinventing the series, Breath Of The Wild also re-establishes new standards for Zelda 0

The childlike joy that's found in the basic movement and exploration of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild even within the first five minutes was a pretty good indication that this was going to be a great time. More than fifty hours later (and that's even coming in a little lean), that early feeling was well-founded. Previous core console entries in the franchise had - while never being bad - left the entire Zelda franchise in a state of malaise and stagnation. Something had to change about...

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