The Thompson Twins Adventure

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    A ZX Spectrum graphical text adventure. Perhaps the only game to be released on vinyl record, players had to record the game to a cassette tape before playing. The game was included for free with the game magazine C&VG.

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    Released in 1984, The Thompson Twins Adventure follows the quest of the British pop group, The Thompson Twins, as they seek out a doctor for ambiguous reasons. The game contains several references to the band, including a newspaper and poster praising the band's performances.


    The game follows the quest of The Thompson Twins, referred to in-game as "The Twins," to find a doctor. The only prior mention of a doctor in-game comes in the form of the game suggesting that The Twins may be hallucinating and in need of a doctor if the player attempts to look at an item which has not yet been acquired. The game opens at a beach, with locations visited later including a cave, a long road, a forest, and a mountain village, each with its own background displayed on screen. Once the doctor is located, The Twins must give him ingredients to use in a potion. Upon the potion's completion, the player is awarded with a congratulatory victory screen.

    Gameplay Mechanics

    The Thompson Twins Adventure plays like a typical text-based adventure. An overview of each area is given, along with available compass directions and present items. Most items are in plain sight and easily acquired. Some, however (a coin and rock) must be found by digging in various points in the map using a spade found in the cave. The game is particularly confusing for its inconsistent map. In some areas, particularly the forest, compass directions have little bearing on where the player goes. For example, to progress through one area, the player must travel first west, and then east. Rather than returning to the previous area, the player is taken somewhere completely new. Another example of the odd directional system is that many given compass directions will lead the player nowhere, simply restating the description for the player's surroundings, and offering the same options. Finally, some directions lead to seemingly impossible locations. For example, attempting to enter a tent near the beach results in the player suddenly appearing in a dead end in the nearby cave, with no immediate way to return to the outside of the tent. Such issues suggest poor programming, and that the developers may have intended for the game to be longer. Most items can be eaten by the player, leading to un-winnable scenarios in which a key item is no longer available. The numerous issues with the game led to its widespread dismissal and critical panning.


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