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The Walking Dead Ep. 1 Reviewed by Doc D Strange

First off I haven't read the comic's even though a buddy named Brandon swears by them. I am though a huge fan of the AMC series. When I first heard that a game was in development I had my reservations thinking that who ever was making the game would just fuck it up but I was wrong. I found out that Telltale Games was making it and I began to think "WORD!" they're a perfect fit to make a downloadable series of the trials and tribulations of living among the dead. I thought about just waiting till I played all five episodes then writing up one huge review but why not treat each episode for what it is just like a television show. Edit: For some reason I can't write single reviews for each episode on this Giant Bomb review template, so I guess this is what you get. Sorry about that.


Episode 1: A New Day

So hungry......
So hungry......

The game open's with your character Lee Everett in the back of a police car heading toward one of Atlanta's prison's for a crime that unfolds through the story. the cop car crashes from the officer texting while driving. Wait a second! This is a game about the zombie apocalypse, actually the officer isn't watching where he's driving and hits a brain dead walker but seriously don't text and drive. Lee wakes up from the crash into a brave new world of the flesh eating undead. Telltale bring the game's story in while The Walking Dead main character Rick Grimes is still in his coma but from what Telltale says we will see character's from the comic and show like Glenn who appears in this episode. I don't want to spoil any more story elements so there's a little set up of what is hopefully going to be a thrill ride of a great game series.

Telltale Games company is known for point and click adventure games like Tales of Monkey Island, Sam & Max and the not great Jurassic Park. The Walking Dead game is part point and click adventure game and Mass Effect style conversation choice gameplay to progress the fantastic story.


Telltale Games really hits a sweet spot between the comic book style and Telltale's signature graphical look. Characters show just the right emotion in the most dire situations and so forth. The zombies look great also, with eye's missing and moving like the shambling horrors they should. The environments are straight out of any zombie flick or show and look believable. This game is gory and not afraid to show every uncomfortable moment in raw detail, it just makes me feel warm inside....Ya, I know I need help.

The Walking Dead's audio and voice acting is where this game shines. Zombies gurgling, moaning and screaming is top notch and sounds authentic. When it comes to the voice actor's Telltale really put work in to bring out some real shit. The music is great and employs good tension and keeps you on edge. The ambient sounds add to the experience, with gun shot's in the background and just straight chaos.


None... What do you think this game is, come on.

Is this game any fun

Shit in my pants.
Shit in my pants.

I was super fucking hyped to play this first episode and guess what... It's a really good freshman effort. I can wait to see what's in-store for Lee Everett and the other survivors. As a ringing endorsement this game is only five dollars "so come on man my cigarettes cost more than that" and each episode is the same price. In the world we live in where most video games cost up to 60 buck do yourself a favor and check this shit out.

Beer of the Review

its not hipster beer like PBR.
its not hipster beer like PBR.

Well Im gonna cheat a little bit on this one. Since this game is a series I will keep this brew in the review section for the duration of the episodes but still it's not a bad beer even if it's a cheap one. "What you think im made of money buying all those crazy 7 and 8 dollar bombers". You can find this beer any where... it's fuckin' Rolling Rock. AVGN represent! www.rollingrock.com Edit: see above the reason I can't review each episode because Giant Bomb doesn't roll like that.

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