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The X Factor is a licensed music game based on the TV show of the same name. The game features a career mode which puts the player through a series of stages following those in the show as well as a party mode which allows the player to play any unlocked song.

Career Mode

Career mode has the player sing songs to a selection of judges, passing through the stages featured in the TV show. Namely; "Boot Camp", "Judges Houses" and "Live Shows". The player must beat all other AI contestants to win the competition. Between songs, the player must also answer questions based on their performance, the songs in the game and occasionally questions without answers such as "Will you watch the next series of The X Factor?"

Party Mode

Party mode allows 1-4 players to sing any unlocked song as well as various duets.


The video game adaption of The X Factor was poorly received. Despite being based on the British version of the TV show none of the judges' likenesses were licensed, nor that of the presenter. The comments of the judges and presenter are also extremely repetitive, as are the questions asked of the player between songs.

The game's publisher, Deep Silver, does not list The X Factor on their website.


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