Theatrhythm first gameplay video

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I am sure other people are like me and were really wondering what this game was going to be, here is the first gameplay video released. Personally, I think it is a neat little side-project. Of course I am a sucker for most of the music in the FF Franchise. I don't own a 3DS, nor do I intend to so I won't be able to pick this up but I like when companies try something new and fun.

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Looks really cool. Is it like a $10 or $15 eshop game?

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That is really bizarre but I am kinda into it.

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Looks like a mixture of Elite Beat Agents and Rock Band. Not that that's a bad thing but I still think this game is a little weird.

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The game seems like a mix between Elite Beat Agents and Gitaroo man. If it's a 3DS exclusive I probably wont get it as I don't own a 3DS and don't really plan to get one.

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@RE_Player92: I don't think they have an announced price yet.

@eroticfishcake: I like weird, weird is good. Definitely helps to break up the sameness of a lot of games and remind you that games can just be fun for the sake of fun and don't have to have some deep story etc.

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@msavo said:

Looks really cool. Is it like a $10 or $15 eshop game?

Necroing the thread to state that this is a boxed retail product with DLC apparently planned to boot.

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