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    Thomas Zane

    Character » appears in 2 games

    The poet that guided Alan Wake through his ordeal in Bright Falls.

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    Thomas Zane was a successful writer, mostly a poet, that lived at the Diver's Island, named so in honor of his passion, in the seventies.

    He was assisted in his work by Emil Hartman, an eloquent man according to Zane.

    Thomas had never been a happy man until he met Barbara Jagger, who he eventually married. She was his muse and lover.

    As time progressed he started to notice the power consigned to his work by this idyllic location, which after a moment of awe began to fear, and made him ponder to stop writing, to which Emil convinced him otherwise.

    One day Barbara drowned, and heartbroken Zane wrote her back to life, but as his words were poor and the text unbalanced, she returned not the sweet and tender Barbara that he loved, but filled with darkness, to much of his horror.

    When he noticed it, he tied her to a chair, while she was trying seduce him with sweet venom, and ripped the heart out of her chest, still she didn't die.

    Seeing the horror he created, he wrote himself and his work out of existence, except for whatever would be inside two boxes, one that remained at the cabin that contains copies of his books, and one with an old light switch and a page describing an episode of Alan Wake's childhood, the fear he had of the dark and the old light switch that his mother gave to him, to cleanse his childish dreams from the darkness, a belonging which he entrusted to his infatuated friend Cynthia Weaver.

    Then he dressed his diver suit, embraced his lover in his arms strongly and dove into the lake in search of the bottom that never came, taking the darkness with him.

    At the same time, this happened, an eruption occurred, and the island sank beneath the waves of the lake.

    In the game, he teaches Alan in the beginning, in his dream, to fight the Taken, and helps him escape the Dark Presence's power in cabin. During the game he disperses the manuscript pages along Wake's path, so that he can regain memory of his story, and write an ending.


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