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     Tomoko is a fourteen-year-old (seventeen in the US release) resident of Hanuda villiage in Japan. Sometime before the game's events, she catches her parents looking inside her diary and gets into a big argument, leading to her decision of running away. Well, she picked the worst time to be pulling that card.

Character Status

     Tomoko can be defined as a medium class character; she can take about 3-4 hits from a melee weapon and can survive one or two gunshots. (however, in Kei Makino's Day 1 12:00 mission, she's much noticeably weaker and can not take a single hit from a gun). What else is there to say except that she's average?

     Tomoko can be encountered as a shibito in Harumi Yomoda's first mission, living with her shibito-fied parents in the abandoned Tabori settlement.

Events in Siren


Hisako Yao, Day 1 07:38:22

     Hisako, a nun at the local church, sits in a chair and looks at the cover of an old, worn book. The front entrance of the church opens up, and she sees a middle-aged couple calling out for their daughter, Tomoko. "...She's not with you?" Hisako responds.

Kei Makino, Day 1 11:59:33

     Kei, a priest at the local church, accompanied by a slightly-weeping Tomoko, overlook a wide red sea expanse. "The villiage is disappearing," Kei comments. Tomoko points to a group of people - now transformed into the deadly shibito - as they cross into the waters. Loud sirens fill the air. "What is going to happen to us?" Tomoko asks as she and Kei cover their ears and begin to leave the area...

     At last! The pair make it to the end of the path. Kei pulls up onto the cliff in front of them, and as he turns and extends his arm to the awaiting Tomoko...*BANG* Kei loses his grip on her as the rifle shot barely misses the two of them. "Tomoko!" Kei shouts, and he is only responded by her shrieks as she runs for her life. Kei has no choice but to continue on without her...

  • SECONDARY MISSION KEY: Tomoko can find a key behind a small shrine, which is a major help for both of her Day 1, 17:00 missions.
  • MISSION 2: Kei returns to the shrine area of Hirunotsuka and enters a back room. Inside one of the buckets is Tomoko's school ID. "Tomoko..." he says with sorrow as he continues on his way without any sign of her anywhere...

Tomoko Maeda, Day 1 17:54:51

     Huddled inside the Hirunotsuka shrine, Tomoko lets out a cry for her parents. "Mommy..." she silently weeps out as gunshots fill the air...

Tomoko Maeda, Day 1 21:27:13

     After escaping from the shrine, Tomoko slowly walks down the dark road. She soon comes across the remains of Akira Shimura - after shooting himself in the head with his rifle four hours earlier. She gasps and sprints in the opposite direction, quite fitting for her track suit outfit. She soon stumbles and falls on the ground and lets out tears. She sees someone approach her and looks up - it was Hisako from the church! Tomoko rises up and hugs Hisako tightly. "I'm so happy that you're safe," Hisako passionately tells the weeping Tomoko. "You're parents are okay as well," Hisako informs her. "...Really?" Tomoko says through her tears with a tone of relief as the two of them walk down the road...

Sometime After Day 1, 21:00 and Day 2, 06:00

     Confirmed by the book Siren Maniacs, Hisako leaves Tomoko inside the cottage at the Tabori settlement. Something happens there that either gets Tomoko killed or injured, and she somehow gets into contact with the red water.

Tomoko Maeda, Day 2 06:06:01

     Walking on one of the Karuwari dirt paths towards the church, Tomoko looks up in the early morning sky. Weird aurora's swirl in the fog as while sparkles fly around in the air. "Angels?" Tomoko comments. As she continues looking around, she sees a figure...the now shabito-fied Naoko Mihama, a TV personality, stares at Tomoko while laughing...and then she just runs off towards the distance.

     As Tomoko closes in on the back gate of the church, none of the shibito in the area are attacking her or try to hinder her progress. What's going on here? She finally reaches the gate and climbs up the steps...

  • SECONDARY MISSION KEY: Tomoko can grab a monkey sitting on a grave stone, a needed item for Harumi Yomoda's Day 3 00:00 second mission.

Tomoko Maeda, Day 2 06:32:56

     Tomoko knocks on one of the church's windows, trying to get the attention of her sleeping parents. "Mommy! Let me in!" she persists as her parents slowly turn their heads - and sees that their daughter is now a member of the shibito. Her mother screams, and her father motions to shoo off Tomoko. "Please..." Tomoko gives up as she walks away in the distance...

Harumi Yomoda, Day 2 15:19:59

     Harumi Yomoda, an elementary school student, awakens inside one of the Tabori settlement's closets after hearing loud noises from the next room over. She opens the closet door ajar and gasps at the sight of the Maeda family, now all shibito, laughing crazily while they sit at a table together...

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