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    Top Gear Test Track

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    The Top Gear test track was designed by Lotus for the BBC motor journalism show 'Top Gear'. It's featured in every episode of the show for comparing supercars and the segment 'Star in a Reasonably Priced Car'.

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    The Top Gear Test Track is located at Dunsfold Park Airfield in Surrey, it was designed specially for the show by Lotus to provide a suitable track on which to test the performance of all the cars featured on the show. The track is featured in several segments of the show including the Power Lap; the super car/sports car of that week is given to Top Gears tame racing driver, "The Stig", and has one lap in which to record a time that enters onto their power lap board. The current leader is the Bugatti Veyron SS with a time of 1:16.8.

    The track is also used in the shows segment titled "Star in a reasonably priced car" , in which a celebrity is timed on one lap of the track in a family saloon car; the Kia C'eed (originally a Suzuki Liana, then a Chevorlet Lacetti) the current leader is Tom Cruise with a time of 1:44.2.


    Track Layout
    Track Layout
    • Crooner Curves - A gentle bend to the right at the very start of the track.
    • Chicago - Immediately follows "crooner curves" it is a long right hand Curve around a tire wall.
    • Hammerhead - After Chicago follows 3 small curves referred to as hammer head, one of the points on the track where time is lost as it requires a perfect driving line at the correct speed. After hammer head is a long straight ending with a right hand curve where "Chicago" began
    • Second to last/Bacharach - The penultimate corner it is preceded by a long straight.
    • Gambon- The last corner before crossing the finish line. It is a sharp left-hand turn that often results in the celebrities going off the track in both practices and timed laps, an early such incident involving Sir Michael Gambon (actor) nearly flipping the Liana earmed the corner its name.

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