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    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Mar 02, 2006

    Torisbash is an extremely violent, complicated, turn-based fighting game created by Swedish software engineer and Judo fighter Hampus "Hampa" Söderström.

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    Toribash is a 3D turn based fighting game by a indie company, Nabi Studios. It uses a physics system which simulates multiple rigid bodies and dismemberment. The game was originally released for $20, but has now become free relying on income from microtransactions in-game.

    The avatar is manipulated solely though controlling its joints -- the player has the option to relax, hold, contract, or extend any joint, provided the command is made before the turn is over. Matches take place on servers, with two people fighting and anybody else waiting in a queue, watching and commenting on the matches. Users can create their own servers, but there are also dedicated rooms divided by ranking (measured by belt color) and match type. The common types include Judo, Aikido, Twin Swords, Wushu, and Joust.

    Players can also play single-player mode, fighting a stationary opponent, which is useful for developing and practicing new moves.


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