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    Total Distortion

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 31, 1995

    As a penniless music-video producer stranded in a bizarre alien dimension, your job is to videotape as many things as you can and, using your Personal Media Tower's built-in video/audio editing station, sell rock videos to the producers back on Earth.

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    The gameplay is influenced by Myst in that the player explores a pre-rendered environment (in this case an abstract alternate dimention inspired by various 90's teen subcultures) from a first person perspective solving puzzles to continue although it also differs in many ways, most notibly that the player wins by obtaining enough money to return to earth and not by reaching the end. The player starts in their media tower at the entrance to the game word and acts as a hub for them to explore outwards. In this they can restore physical energy (which renders you unable to open doors if too low) by preparing food or restore mental energy (which renders you unable to attempt puzzles if too low) by doing sleep-based minigames. They can also listen to a radio with original songs, read books relating to the game's mythology (some of which include minigames and easter eggs) and solve slider puzzles to gain clues to the locations of hidden hot-spots in the adventure. There is also a videophone which can be used to negotiate sales of videos with producers, buy items and call to be sent back to earth (completing the game) assuming they have sufficient money to do so. The player must also keep a constant supply of power to their tower (which slowly drains as the player does any actions, or quickly drains if they use the crystal ball hint function) by buying fuel rods otherwise they will lose the game (unless they have spare fuel rods in their inventory and a high physical energy level which allows them to force the door open and kick-start the generator). 
    To earn money for food and fuel the player must create music videos by arranging sequences of FMV clips (a mixture of live action and pre-rendered) to music and trying to sell them to a number of different producers who favour different kinds of clips (as indicated in their autobiographies available in the library). These clips can be obtained by using a video camera while exploring the game world (unlocking pre-set clips for that location) with clips from further away being worth more money in videos.  

    Exploration is set within an invisible grid, with movement done in set incriments (with pre-rendered transitions) and rotation only being possible 90 degrees at a time. While exploring the player can also encounter guitar wielding enemies (both randomly and at set locations) with combat consisting of selecting guitar chords to fire projectiles and matching enemy chords to block attacks, with more damaging guitars availible to buy throughout. Puzzle solving consists of a combination of finding hidden hotspots on the screen ie. hidden buttons, navigating mazes, collecting items such as keycards to open doors and completing arcade-style minigames on locked computers and control panels to gain access. on reaching the end of either of the two branching paths through the distortion dimention the player can obtain video clips of fictional musicians performing which can be sold for large amounts of money if returned safely to the beginning.

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