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    Treasure Cove!

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 1992

    Essentially an underwater clone of Treasure Mountain!, Treasure Cove! is an exploration based learning game developed by the Learning Company.

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    After fleeing Treasure Mountain, The Master of Mischief is now on Invention Island, sucking up sand goobies for his magic workshop via the Goobie Tube. However, his latest invention has caused the goobies to leak out into the ocean floor while also making holes in the ocean. Minne the Minnow calls on the Super Seekers for help in returning things to back normal by reconstructing the Rainbow Bridge, the only way to get to Invention Island, that the Master of Mischief destroyed.
    Once the bridge is resurrected, the Master of Mischief jumps from his workshop and swims, wearing one shoe, across the ocean with a shark tailing close behind.


    Players search the ocean floor for clues, gems, and pufferfish needed to fix the Rainbow Bridge. Pufferfish and gems are found through the use of the player's flashlight and the clues found while exploring. Clues are not absolutely necessary to find them, but considering there is limited flashlight usage allotted, they are often needed.
    To get clues, the player shoots the bubble gun at the orange starfishes floating around, trapping them and forcing the starfish to give a small grammatical or elementary leveled question for the player to solve. If solved correctly, a clue that consists of either a number, color, or fish type to where the pufferfish is located. All around the ocean, there are groups of fish to which the player can shine the flashlight onto in order to reveal either nothing, gems, or the pufferfish. The pufferfish is used to progress to the next level, with a total of three levels per search.  
     Along the way, there are goopies that can be bubble gunned down, just like the starfishes as well as bubble stations and light fish. If a light fish is caught via the bubble gun, the player gets an extra set amount of light uses. To refill the bubble gun, the player goes to a bubble station and flashes the flashlight the number of times shown on the pump, and then a hermit crab refills the gun with a seahorse's nose.

    Once each search levels are completed, there is a final stage with a shark or several sharks (depending on the player ranking) and a large gem in a clam shell. The player must shoot the shark(s) in order to obtain the gem, ending the level. The player is then shown throwning the gems gained through the level to the elves on the shore of Treasure Mountain, who place them in a large cauldron, ship a treasure back to the player, and watch a rainbow emit from the cauldron towards Invention Island. The rainbow also shows an indication of ranking and how many points have been gained throughout the game, with points and ranking being based on all the gems gained throughout the game. 
    The player is then placed back in a sunken ship, a place where all treasure gained in the game are stored exhibition style. The game officially ends once the player reaches 999,999 points and resurrects the Rainbow Bridge, though it is still possible to continue playing and gain more treasures.

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