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Trek Trivia is a Star Trek trivia game created by Scott Miller and released by Apogee Software in 1988 for the PC. The game was released in 10 volumes that each contained 100 trivia questions about Star Trek. Each question has four possible answers for the player to choose from, and the goal of the game is to get as many correct answers as possible. The player starts with 20 credits and receives an additional credit for every 10th correct answer, and loses 1 credit for every incorrect answer. If the player gets to the end of the hundred questions, he wins.

Volumes Breakdown

  • Volume 1-7 contains general Star Trek trivia.
  • Volume 8 is dialogue trivia only.
  • Volume 9 and 10 are called "Masters Edition" and contain more difficult trivia questions.

Trivia Samples

  • In "Patterns of Force" how do Spock and Kirk escape from their prison cell?
  • Nurse Chapel has an unfulfilled love for ____________. 
  • What is Scotty's favorite pastime?    

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