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The Trick Stick is an object found in the Viva Pinata series of video games, developed by Rare, Ltd.. A blue and yellow baton ornately decorated with gems and ribbons, its primary function is to permanently teach the player's resident Pinata species various Tricks. The Trick Stick made its first (and to date only) appearance in Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise, the second instalment in the franchise on Microsoft's Xbox 360 console. 


The Trick Stick possesses two functions; the ability to permanently teach Pinata to perform tricks, and the ability to make those Pinata perform their learned tricks on demand. 

Teaching Tricks

In the context of Viva Pinata, the term 'Trick' refers to a special move or routine performed by a Pinata after eating a specific food item. Each species of Pinata has its own particular repertoire of Tricks, and each Trick is triggered by the feeding of a particular foodstuff; for example, feeding a Daisy to a resident Sparrowmint will cause it to perform one of its species' Tricks. On its own, the performance of a Trick is little more than a one-off spectacle. However, through using the Trick Stick, it is possible to teach these Tricks to Pinata permanently. This is achieved by simply tapping the Pinata with the Trick Stick whilst it is in the middle of its Trick animation. If timed successfully, a confirmation chime will sound, and the Pinata will learn the Trick. 
Teaching Tricks to Pinata brings benefits within the game. The most immediate of these is tied to the Pinata's Value; a Pinata that has been taught one or more Tricks will be worth noticeably more than a Pinata that knows no Tricks. As such, teaching a Trick to a Pinata intended for sale can be a very effective way of maximising profit. Furthermore, some of the game's more advanced Challenges require Pinata to be taught specific Tricks before they can be sent to Parties.

Performing Tricks

After teaching a Trick to a Pinata, the Trick Stick may also be used to get that Pinata to perform its Trick on demand. A simple tap with the Trick Stick is enough to persuade the Pinata to display its newly-learned talents.

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