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    Trouble Shooter

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released 1991

    Trouble Shooter (Battle Mania in Japan) is a Horizontal Shoot 'Em Up from Vic Tokai.

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    The player controls a "teenage girl" named Madison and her partner Crystal, who are on a mission to save a kidnapped prince. The game is known for a distinct parody-like style. Japan saw a sequel to this game called Battle Mania Daiginjo.


    In traditional Horizontal Shoot 'em up fashion, players have full control of Madison, who can only shoot to the right. Crystal, who always accompanies Madison, can switch between shooting left and right. Crystal acts as a sort of option, as she takes no damage and only dies when Madison dies.

    Players choose a weapon at the beginning of every stage, but weapons must be recharged (weapon will be unavailable for the next stage) before another use.

    There are four different power-ups in the game: Firepower, Speed Up, Speed Down, and Life Up.


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