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    Troy Bolton

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    Troy is the star player of the Wildcats basketball team with a passion for performing.

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    High School Musical

    While celebrating New Year's Eve up in a ski lodge, Troy takes part in a karaoke competiton and ends up singing a duet with Gabriella Montez. Seemingly having love at first sight, the two exchange numbers and presumably expect to never really see each other as they live miles apart. However, a few weeks later Troy sees Gabriella in the East High homeroom. Surprised at seeing her there, Troy gets distracted and ends up with a detention for taking too long getting to his next lesson. To make matters worse, the detention overlaps with basketball practise and even when he gets there, he's too preoccupied with thoughts of Gabriella and singing with her again.

    Skipping even more basketball practise to go audition, Troy bumps into Gabriella but both end up being far too shy to perform infront of Ryan and Sharpay. Once they had finished, Gabriella goes up to sing leading Troy to regain his confidence. He goes to perform, but it's too late. The auditions close and both are rejected but soon after, the two see Kelsi has dropped her piano music and go to help. Kelsi reveals to Troy that the song Sharpay and Ryan performed was intended to be a much slower ballad. Assuming nobody is around, Troy and Gabriella perform the song as it was intended, however, Ms. Darbus overhears the duo and is impressed so she signs them up to the callbacks.

    The next day, Chad sees Troy's name on the callbacks and tells the rest of the Wildcats who are all shocked and turn their back on him. Feeling rejected, Troy asks Gabriella to meet him on the greenhouse balcony above the school. She comforts him here and restores his confidence in singing. However, the rest of the Wildcats feel they need Troy back and trick him into saying that Gabriella means nothing to him while she's watching. Realising he's been tricked, Troy goes to find Gabriella and set everything straight, but she doesn't believe him.

    Troy is devastated and loses interest in both singing and playing basketball. This leaves Chad feeling extremely guilty and realises he did the wrong thing in tricking Troy, so he rounds up the rest of the Wildcats and together, they tell Troy they will support him through the callbacks. While Troy believes the Wildcats and regains his interest in performing in the musical, Gabriella is still not convinced so Troy goes over to her house to apologise in person. She ignores him at first, but Troy doesn't take no for an answer and climbs up to her balcony and starts singing their song. Gabriella can't resist and forgives him.

    Together with Kelsi, Troy and Gabriella practise for the callback but Sharpay changes the time to match that of the basketball championship game believing this would make Troy, and therefore Gabriella, drop out. However, this backfires as the Wildcats and Gabriella's scholastics group hatch a plan to stall both the basketball and the scholastic decathlon giving the pair a chance to audition. Even though both try their best to rush to the callback, they arrive late and are told by Ms. Darbus that they have missed their chance. However, while they are on the stage, the auditiorium gets filled with students who want to see them perform forcing Ms. Darbus to give them a chance. As this is the first time they had performed in front of an audience, Gabriella develops a case of stage fright but Troy tells her to just focus on him and together, they perform Breaking Free, the signature song of the film, and get their leading roles in the musical.

    Rushing back to the basketball game after the audition, Troy scores the winning shot and proves to his friends that he hasn't changed and his heart in in both singing and sports. Following the game, Gabriella runs over to Troy and together they celebrate. But before they can kiss, they are interrupted by Chad and the three of them join the rest of the school in performing one final song.

    Video Games

    As the games are fully licensed by Disney, Troy's likeness and singing voice are provided by Zac Efron. However, as with the original film, Zac's singing voice in High School Musical: Sing It! is mixed with that of fellow Disney star Drew Seeley.

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