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    Game » consists of 7 releases. Released 1988

    An Arcade vertically scrolling shoot 'em up set in space. Its Japanese name, Tatsujin, means "Expert".

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    Truxton (JP: Tatsujin) is a shoot 'em up first released in the Arcade in 1988. It was ported to the Sega Genesis in 1989 and released internationally, and again to the PC Engine in 1992 where it remained a Japan exclusive. The game's story posits the player as the last line of defense between their planet and the invading Gidans forces.

    Truxton is a typical late-80s shoot 'em up. The player has a standard spreadshot gun that increases in firepower as the player finds power-ups, as well as a finite number of bombs that will clear the screen once fired. The player's ship can only take one hit before exploding, but they have a stock of lives and continues to assist them.


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