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    Tuk Tuk

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    Tuk-Tuks are distinctive three-wheeled vehicles, also known as Auto Rickshaws. They are normally used as taxis.

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    A 'Tuk-Tuk', or 'auto rickshaw' is a small, three wheeled vehicle that is commonly found in Asian countries. Tuk-Tuks are normally used as public transport, such as taxis. Some parts of Africa also use auto-rickshaws, though they are stereotypically Asian. Tuk-Tuks have many different designs, and these tend to be adapted depending on the nation they are used in. Uniquely, in Cambodia, the term is used somewhat differently. Rather than having a completely unified vehicle, the 'tuk-tuks' used in Cambodia refer to a cart with seats being transported by a motorcycle. Tuk-Tuks are commonly placed at a disadvantage to other vehicles, with the majority of them struggling to maintain a speed of over 31mph. Some models boast turbocharged engines however, meaning that they can reach speeds of up to 70mph. 
    In videogames, tuk-tuks are commonly used as 'joke' entertainment. They tend to have extremely low speeds and are available mainly for their novelty value. Different games include tuk-tuks, though the majority of these games display them in the nations where they are most prominent. For example, Just Cause 2 takes place on a fictional Asian island named Panau, where tuk-tuks are extremely common.


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