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Just bought a new TV or projector? Use this new TV calibration utility to see if there are any dead pixels and help calibrate it as the game and movie makers intended it to be. Choose between 3 different categories: Color, pixel and size tests. As a bonus we also included a controller test so you can test if your xbox controller buttons, thumbsticks and rumble motors work as they should.

To download the application go to Game Marketplace -> Indie Games -> All Indie Games -> T -> TV Calibration

Color calibration

Xbox and pc games are usually displayed in full video level range (video levels 0-255) where movies is limited to the levels defined in the BT.601 or BT.709 ranges (video levels 16-235).

This tool allows you to configure your TV or monitor for optimal performance given your intended use.

1:1 Pixel mapping

One to one pixel mapping means that each pixel send by your Xbox is shown as exactly one pixel on your TV which provides the best visual experience. From a distance the image you look at should be a uniform slight gray color. If you notice any patterns or 'white or black banding' on the screen your TV is most likely scaling the input signal. Some TV’s provide a special option which is often called ‘just-scan’ that will provide a 1:1 pixel mapping.


This tool was originally developed for internal use inside Arcane Labs but was polished off and released to the public so they could benefit from it as well.


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